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Who We Are

Second Parish is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association, but we do not emphasize denominationalism.  As a diverse, inclusive congregation, we are interested in human cooperation and a search for truth, regardless of traditional labels; and we understand that each person must be free to seek, in his or her own fashion, the source of life that has been traditionally described as God.  Central to our religious experience is creating and nurturing an atmosphere in which each person can search for his or her own spiritual path.


Our designation as a ‘Welcoming Congregation’ reflects our support of the UUA’s active inclusion of gays and lesbians, which fits in with our belief in “love for each other and respect for each person’s search for truth” as expressed in our covenant. We welcome individuals and families of any sexual orientation or gender identity.


Our Covenant


The Second Parish Covenant, which we recite together each Sunday morning, describes how we worship and work together.

With love for each other and with respect for each person’s search for truth, we unite — in the spirit of Jesus—

for the worship of God and the service of our neighbors.

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Our Community


We are a caring, multi-generational community which enjoys spending time together, whether catching up at coffee hour after church or at social events, or working together at one of our fundraising events or service projects.   We celebrate our joys and support each other through our Caring Connection, and our minister, Rev. Stephanie Kelsch, is available for pastoral counseling.

In our Church School we try to pass on to our children the basic religious heritage of our forebears, and to instill in them a questioning reverent mind and a healthy understanding of right and wrong.  Our Religious Education program draws inspiration from many sources, including Christian, Jewish, and other world religions, spiritual teachings from earth-centered traditions, ethical teachings from historical and contemporary thinkers, and examples from the works of Unitarian and Universalist men and women.

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We are aware that we live in a changing world in which people are in increasingly close contact with all the other peoples of the world. By emphasizing our own status as a fellowship which serves a larger community, we would work towards the time when humanity is but one all-embracing network of human beings, working together for the common good.

Service to our neighbors is a major part of our covenant, so we look for ways that our multigenerational congregation can serve together. We house the Hingham Food Pantry and help with the organization of produce for over 150 families before Thanksgiving and Christmas. We give one monetary collection each month to service programs. On Sunday before Memorial Day, the congregation meets at the High Street Cemetery to replace flags at the gravestones of veterans. And at least once a year, we hold a Red Cross Blood Drive.


Visit Us!


We invite you to join us on Sundays when we worship together, gathering peace and strength for the coming week and beyond. Children attend the first part of our service before going to their religious education classes. You are welcome to come and see us in action.  Due to COVID precautions, we encourage you to call ahead (781-749-1671) if you have any questions or concerns regarding our in-person services and the protocols we have in place to create a situation where our youngest and unvaccinated are as protected as we can make them.  Visit our Sunday Mornings page for details.

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