Sunday Mornings

We meet online Sunday morning at 10:00 AM for an hour of worship.  You can join in via Zoom, or view our livestream on either Facebook or YouTube.  Past services are available as well on either Facebook and YouTube.

To view our livestream on Facebook, visit our Facebook page.  At 10 am on Sundays, our worship service will be live.

To view our livestream on YouTube, visit our YouTube channel and subscribe.  Second Parish YouTube Channel

To join our Zoom check-in either before or after the service, or to watch the entire service, join this Zoom meeting:

The password for the meeting is 02043

Everyone is welcome and both adults and children come to the service. Early in the service, there is a children’s message and this year children will go on to other computer devices to participate in Sunday Adventures.  (Anyone in need of supportive devices should contact the church office.)  Having the children with us even just at the beginning of our online service adds to our multigenerational spirit.  The children learn to be part of church.  In return, the older members clearly love getting to know the children.

Our formal service includes joys and concerns, a sermon, hymns, and prayers. Our worship is influenced by the Western Christian tradition but is always open to and draws inspiration from other viewpoints. Our goal in worshiping together is to seek understanding and strength, to find comfort and hope, and to motivate action in service to others. After the hour of worship together, we usually gather in Cushing Hall for fellowship and food. Starting September 20th we will be trying random break-out groups online to replicate coffee hour so people can  “catch up” with each other and react to the thoughts the service has stimulated.

Order of Service

A sample order of service is attached if you wish to follow along.  We usually recite our covenant and one of several versions of a shared prayer each week.

Our Church School

In our Church School we try to pass on to our children the basic religious heritage of our forebears, and to instill in them a questioning reverent mind and a healthy understanding of right and wrong.  Our Religious Education program draws inspiration from many sources, including Christian, Jewish, and other world religions, spiritual teachings from earth-centered traditions, ethical teachings from historical and contemporary thinkers, and examples from the works of Unitarian and Universalist men and women.


Visit our Education page to learn more about our religious education programs.

Visit Us!

We invite you to join us online on Sundays when we worship together, gathering peace and strength for the coming week and beyond. If you are visiting with children, you might wish to log in a few minutes early to connect with our Coordinator of Religious Education, Leigh Baltzer, or to email her ahead of time at You are welcome to come and see us in action!