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Ministerial Messages

September 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,


So much happens in church. We get to see and touch each other; to hear each other's laughter or distress, as well as our children's eager insights; we get to unite our voices in song and in prayer and sometimes in silence; we get to just be - held in a supportive, loving, faith community that welcomes all seekers; gathered in a beloved sanctuary that holds deep memories and important promises.


What beautiful strength we receive to help us face the struggles of what can often be a harsh, competitive, divisive world.


We’re going to need to access that beautiful strength in different ways now as we anticipate gathering together on line for a longer period of time. 

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February 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,


In February, I will be participating in a panel discussion at Linden Ponds entitled Grave Decisions.  The published intent of the discussion is “to review the requirements at the end of life, and the view of death in general, of your particular faith tradition.” Representatives from the Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu traditions will also participate.


I look forward to learning from colleagues in other faith traditions and expect the questions from the Linden Ponds audience to be, as always, both insightful and penetrating. It will be good to be reminded and further enlightened about the beliefs and traditions that guide other faiths. But because Unitarian Universalism does not espouse any set creed, I expect I will also encounter what I often do: some will shake their heads at me and say, “So it seems Unitarian Universalists don’t believe in anything.” 

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