Welcome to Second Parish

We are delighted that you have found us and hope that you will feel at home on our website and ultimately at our church.

As Unitarian Universalists, we are open and welcoming to everyone. We believe that learning, worshiping, and working together will help us in our constant quest to serve others and to appreciate the mysteries of life.

Our Sunday morning service is at 10 am. We will be worshiping together in person, and you may also join us through our livestream.  Please consider visiting us to explore what Second Parish has to offer.

Masks are optional after the children go to Sunday Adventures

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Who We Are

We are a welcoming, intergenerational community that enjoys spending time together.

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Join Us

We will meet in person and also continue to live-stream our services on Facebook & Youtube.


Instructions for joining are below.


Sunday Adventures

Kids meet with Leigh Baltzer outdoors, in-person (or indoors, socially-distanced) on Sunday mornings.



For toddlers to 6th graders, we offer a religious & spiritual program that emphasizes kindness, honesty, courage, compassion, and love. 

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Upcoming Sermons

September 11 - Water Communion

Please bring some drops of water that symbolize something meaningful from your summer.


Initially created as a service to celebrate women’s spirituality and the connections amongst people and our planet, Water Communion speaks to the “awe and reverence” that guide us to fuller appreciation of life. In the context of current drought and flooding, Water Communion can also lead us to revisit our relationship with aspects of our lives we need to nourish. The homily this morning is entitled Quenching a Thirst and Susannah Thornton will be our guest soloist.


September 18 - Why Church? Part I: Unchecked Baggage 

During so much of human existence, people have sought out religion to find meaning in life. In our contemporary world, however, surveys of Americans reveal an increasing rejection of formal religion. Why Church? Part I: Unchecked Baggage will take a look at some of the assumptions people make about religion that might keep them away from church. Gabrielle Coyne will be our soloist.


September 25. Why Church? Part II: A Place to Stand

Given the growing inclination to be wary of church, how does a person determine what church might provide what they seek? Why Church? Part II: A Place to Stand will consider what organized spirituality has to offer and how to recognize what might be a good church ‘home.” Mark Slawson will provide music.

275 Grant Winners

As part of our 275th anniversary celebration, we were pleased to award five mini-grants to those who best answered the question: “What could I do with $275 to serve the community or a neighbor?”   We received over 30 worthy applications, and we thank everyone for their thoughtful submissions.  The five awards are listed below.

A transfer wheelchair for the Senior Center submitted by Diane DeNapoli, Chair of the Commission on Disabilities in Hingham, and Jennifer Young, Director of the Hingham Senior Center.

Additional Ukuleles for home practice submitted by Jessica Cheung, a South Elementary School music teacher.

Materials for building a Buddy Bench to increase socialization on the playground submitted by Aaron Howe-Roberts, a 5th grade student at Foster Elementary School.

A Math Extreme Couponing Project where students purchase food with coupons for the Hingham Food Pantry submitted by Sarah Jacobson, Hingham High School math teacher.

Cooking pots, pans, utensils and a cooking stove for a new Troop 4 patrol submitted by Mark Turnak, Troop 4 Scout Master.

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Thank you for your support!

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Second Parish

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Prior Services

Our worship services were live streamed on YouTube and Facebook during the COVID pandemic.  Click the links below to view prior recordings.

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