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Welcome to Second Parish

Thanks for visiting our website. Please take some time to explore it and learn more about us. We also hope you’ll come visit us in person ton Sundays at 10:00AM for our weekly worship service. Directions for joining our Sunday services are available under the Worship tab on this website.  Children join us for the first part of the service and then go off for Sunday Adventures, where their exploration is guided by the Unitarian Universalist Soul Matters curriculum.


If you’re not sure about a Sunday morning service, you can watch us online on Facebook or Youtube any time using the links below for Prior Services. There are also opportunities to join in community activities at other times of the week - usually noted on the Friends of Second Parish Facebook page or on this website. 

We look forward to meeting you!

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Who We Are

We are a welcoming, intergenerational community that enjoys spending time together.

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Join Us

We will meet in person and also continue to live-stream our services on Facebook & Youtube.


Instructions for joining are below.


Sunday Adventures

Kids meet with Leigh Baltzer outdoors, in-person (or indoors, socially-distanced) on Sunday mornings.


Upcoming Sermons

September 10, 2023  Water Communion

We will return to regular Sunday morning services at 10:00 AM with our Homecoming Service of Water Communion. Everyone is invited to bring a small amount of water to be poured into a shared container, symbolizing how our lives intertwine with each other and with Nature. You are encouraged to briefly identify where the water you pour comes from and what it means to you. After the Water Communion ceremony and a brief Time for All Ages, our children will head off to Sunday Adventures while the grownups focus on what it means for our lives to be intertwined. Our soloist will be Susannah Thornton.

September 17, 2023  Belonging and a Lonely World

As noted in the letter to the congregation this month, many important changes are happening within places of worship and in how such places are perceived from the outside. This sermon will consider the role of belonging to community in a healthy church. Music Director Mark Slawson will provide the music.


September 24, 2023  Behaving: Motions or Meaning? For centuries, churchgoers have been expected to behave in certain ways - sometimes measuring up and other times failing miserably. Today’s service focuses on how “good” people hope to act, what supports them, and what challenges them. Our soloist will be Frank Piekut.


October 1, 2023 Believing  and the Butter Cow

For generations, people assumed that what someone believed determined how that person felt about religion and spirituality. Currently, some propose that where we belong and how we behave determines what we believe. Today’s look at the complexity of believing will be supported by music provided by Gabrielle Coyne.


Prior Services

Our worship services are live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook.  Click the links below to view prior recordings.


YouTube Channel:




For toddlers to 6th graders, we offer a religious & spiritual program that emphasizes kindness, honesty, courage, compassion, and love. 

Click here to learn more!

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Thank you for your support!

Your contributions help support the work of Second Parish. To donate, you may mail a check to:

Second Parish

685 Main Street

Hingham, MA 02043

Or click the button below to donate through PayPal.

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